Exoplanet Predictor Algorithm

In this project I build a Machine Learning Algorithm in order to predict how many planets can a certain system have based on its mass, age, etc. It was a very interesting project built with python and Decision Tree Algorithmic aplication, but it can also be applied with polinomial models.

Temperature vs. Humidity Model

In this project with the help of Python I used the data recollected in my greenhouse. With this data I obtained a mathematical model in order to predict Humidity within a data of Temperature inside my hidroponic greenhouse.

Responsive Podcast Website

In this project I design my podcast website, considering its responsiveness. During the development of the website, I used HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript for the animation. Within Javascript, I also implemented the scrollreveal framework, in order to add a much more personalized effect. The typing animation is also an iconic element of the site.

¿Y Tú, Que Piensas? - Podcast

This project is a personal boosted idea that I decided to implement since 2019 to the present date. I see this podcast as an excellent way to communicate my ideas, learn from professional people in the topic, and discuss about environmental issues or give specific information about some of the IB topics. Which has allowed me to develop my communication and learning skills.

Air Pollution Dataset Processing in Python

This project focuses much more in the data processing using Python, using Data Science concepts to compare big data. Over 24 Thousand data was processed and analyzed using MatplotLib and many other Statistic libraries such as Numpy. Comparing the Air Pollution data before and during the Pandemic of the Covid-19, to stablish environmental conclusions of its impact.

Voice Assistant - Python

In this project I created a Voice Assistant named Andromeda. The main language I used was Python and its libraries. Also, I used OpenCv to add facial recognition and activation of the Voice Assistant. This was the first project I coded using Python. It was a way to develop my logical thinking of functions and their use as a beginner. Mostly of the actions from Andromeda focus into artificial decision-taking.

Greenhouse monitoring and data processing - Arduino Uno, C++

This project references more the circuit part of the modeling inside a greenhouse, in order to automate Lettuce growing using hidroponic tecniques and Sensors data. The data processing was implemented using ThinkSpeak and API's.

"CAS INFORMA" - Community Project

This is a social project, in which I worked along with my classmates, in order spread information about Covid-19 during the Pandemic. The project focuses in Creativity, Action and Service. So, we covered environmental, health, Elderly care, and educational ideas such as building organic gardens, publishing informational videos and supporting the betterment in the local community.

CASInformando - Podcast

A podcast dedicated to inform our community about COVID-19 news, self-care strategies, recommendations, and more. In this podcast I am one of the 6 Hosts that take part of this wonderful project. The main objective is to connect with our social environment and implement a new and better way to impact people around us. The purpose involves in Creativity, Action, and Service for the betterment of the world and our local surroundings.

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