Temperature & Humidity Predictor with Python and IoT to improve the local weather forecast.

As the creator of this project, my role was:

=> Build an Arduino system to collect local environmental data and connect the electronics structure to ThingSpeak through C++.

=> Utilize libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, Sklearn, and JobLib to adjust the data to train the model with both temperature and humidity variables and dump it into a JobLib file to use later as a GUI backend process.

=> Create a live-prediction option for the variables with Python to get the result with the immediate data sent from the weather station to the server, utilizing APIs and Joblib.

=> Create the GUI app with Tkinter and transform the format to .exe. And publish the project with GIT.

=> Write an extended essay about the mathematical relation between Temperature and Humidity to show the calculus background of the code.

Temperature-Humidity Predictor Project Gallery