BIO_INV IoT = Automated Greenhouse with Abiotic prediction model

As the creator of this project, my role was:

=> Design a fully automated hydroponic greenhouse for lettuce crops with NFT and Dutch Bucket system technique by automating the watering system, temperature, humidity control, refill system for water reservoirs with Arduino (C++), 24/7 monitoring system, and Abiotic data sent to ThingSpeak in real-time.

=> Track the lettuce crop growth, regulate pH and EC parameters with Hanna instruments, and create a Temperature-Humidity algorithm with Python forfuture crop quality prediction.

=> Compare the influence on the final mass of the crop within four different substrate systems as an extended essay investigation. Concluding that coconut fiber is the best substrate capable of optimizing water consumption and other parameters, so I implemented the project in my high school.

=> Participated in a national competition for water care. Achieved second place with a score of 0.30 difference from first place.

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