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“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”
― B.B. King

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My main passion since I was 15 y/o is to code in different computer languages and learn how to develop problem-solving skills within a certain challenges. Python has changed my life, in a such way that now I'm persuing my dreams as a Computer Science Engineer and Cybersecurity specialist. Constant learning and communicating ideas motivates me to be a podcaster https://ytuquepiensas.net , giving me the opportunity to spread interesting information that will also help other people learn. Currently I am studying at CEBI https://cebi.edu.ec , an IB school that teaches the Open-minded, Thinker, Inquirer, Communicator, Risk-taker, Caring, Principled, Knowledgeable, Well-Balanced and Reflective skills into their students. Thanks to this, I can stablish social connections with my local community, to impulse a betterment within the environment, human-care, informational content and learning fundamentals while being under the COVID-19 World Pandemic.







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Cybersecurity with Python


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Exoplanet Predictor Algorithm

In this project I build a Machine Learning Algorithm in order to predict how many planets can a certain system have based on its mass, age, etc. It was a very interesting project built with python and Decision Tree Algorithmic aplication, but it can also be applied with polinomial models.


This project references more the circuit part of the modeling inside a greenhouse, in order to automate Lettuce growing using hidroponic tecniques and Sensors data. The data processing was implemented using ThinkSpeak and API's.

Hourly variation in concentration levels (μg/m3) of PM2.5, O3, SO2, and CO

This project focuses much more in the data processing using Python, using Data Science concepts to compare big data. Comparing the Air Pollution data before and during the Pandemic of the Covid-19, to stablish environmental conclusions of its impact.

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